3 Marketing Trends to Master for Big Results in 2015

Dec 8, 2014

With the New Year right around the corner, you are likely assembling initial plans and budgets for next year’s marketing dollars. If your plan consists of a slightly modified strategy based on 2014, you may want to stop and reconsider. Times are changing, and 2015 is promising to be a springboard year that will set your businesses apart from the competition. If you stay ahead of the game, maximize your resources and efforts, the payoff promises to be a game changer. Here are 3 of the top marketing trends to set your company apart from the rest in 2015:

These 3 Marketing Trends could make a Big Impact on your Business in 2015

1.) Mobile and User Experience

In 2015, the mobile market will generate 35% more spending compared to 2012. That’s a whopping $400 billion up from $139 billion! 80% customers will be making their first digital interaction with a brand or company via a mobile device. About 40% will abandon the site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load, and over 75% will abandon the site and search for a competitor if they can not easily navigate the site on their smartphone. For many brands, the first mobile interaction is the only chance to make an impression on their potential consumer.3 Marketing Trends to Master for 2015

Google’s latest algorithm update is heavily focused on responsive design. They are reportedly even adding a “mobile-friendly” label, which will boost rankings to those sites that have gone out of their way to earn Google’s stamp of approval. User Experience is poised to be Google’s 2015 single biggest hot topic and, as most marketers know, what Google does typically sets the playing field.

2.) Content Marketing gets a TURBO BOOST!

If a Picture is worth 1000 words, then a Video is worth 1 Million! In a society that continues to become more mobile marketing focused, video, in particular, has evolved into an essential piece of your marketing plan. From a marketing standpoint, you can’t do much better than video content for driving business and engagement. It’s the single most effective tool that a company can leverage to cut through a saturated market. On mobile devices, video has seen over 300% in growth year after year. This medium’s rapid gain in popularity is due to it’s seamless integration across all platforms. Marketing professionals clearly recognize the opportunities that come with added video content and 76% cite it as a higher priority for their website over Twitter, Facebook, or blogging integration. According to the Online Publishers Association, 80% of Internet users recall watching a video ad on a website they visited in the past 30 days, and 46% took some kind of action after viewing the ad. With these numbers, powerful and measurable results are sure to follow.

3.) Location Matters!

The “Internet of things” is making our daily lives exponentially more connected, which in any case should parallel making our lives more convenient. A component of this convenience is serving the right content at the right time and to the right place. The number one factor that can provide this context is location.

The granularity of the location data needed will differ widely amongst use cases, but it’s quite difficult to find a case against using location data to improve your digital strategy as a whole. The variety of location touchpoints continues to grow as beacons come to play, and other LBS incorporations such as geofencing will continue to expand.

Knowing location empowers consumers to quickly and easily gain understanding of things such as language, currency, sizes, inventory, directions, hours, relevant content, applicable advertising, and much more. By paying attention to the location in your strategy, a business will notice improvements in their website visibility as consumers can efficiently search and discover your brand online. In addition, you can expect to see a lift in reach and relevance as local content is precise, and increased foot traffic will ultimately lead to more sales. With all of that, what’s not to love about location in 2015!

Here’s to wishing you and your marketing department the best year yet. We hope these top 3 trends will cultivate some inspiration for your strategy sessions. Your friends at KPI Target are here and happy to help as the ball drops, the confetti flies, and we ring in 2015!