Facebook to Revamp Company Pages. Is Your Page Prepared?

Apr 1, 2014

Unlike its counterpart Google, we get a heads up from Facebook when a major change is coming that may impact our brand and marketing strategies.  They have recently announced that they are getting ready to rollout a new look for its company pages that will provide “A More Streamlined Feel”. Let’s examine a few of the updates and see how the changes may impact your company’s page.

Say Hello to a Single Column for Facebook Business Updates

As they have done with the personal timeline, Facebook is simplifying the content stream on it’s business pages to display only one column on the right hand side of the page. As you can see in the preview image that they have provided, it will mitigate the need to skip from left to right when determining which post you would like to read.



Business Information Now Resides on the Left-Hand Sidebar

Once again, the business page will mimic the personal profile page with most of the pertinent information about your company moving to a block on the left hand side instead of having a horizontal area below the cover photo. It also appears that your networks will be more closely integrated into the new format, as visitors to company pages will be able to easily see their friends that like the page, and will also be prompted to invite friends to like the page as well in a much more direct fashion.


Changes to Admin Tools and “Pages to Watch”

Finally, there will be changes for Admins associated with this update as well. It appears that the admin tools will be easier to find, and located in the form of a top navigation bar that is similar in design to many popular websites. This should be helpful and prevent some of the searching around to find different areas that help admins to manage their page and follow progress via the analytics package.

The “Pages to Watch” feature will also be rolled out to all users, and appears to be located in the insights section of the admin bar. This helpful feature allows you to select up to 5 of your competitor’s pages to track, and will report back on data like follower growth, post activity, and engagement statistics.


While these changes aren’t going to be groundbreaking news in the interactive marketing community, it is going to be a major facelift of a highly utilized marketing vertical in the interactive industry. At least they have given us a heads up that this update is coming and not catching us off guard like Google+. Now, if we could only get back to the good old days where you didn’t have to pay to reach the people that you paid to get to like your page in the first place!