Google Introduces CRM-Like "Google My Business"

Jun 12, 2014

Google has long been confusing to small businesses and brands alike. You can drive a lot of traffic and engagement by participating on their platforms, however they have historically been hard to manage, as the individual managing the properties to skip around to a number of different places and dashboards. Our prayers may have been answered with todays big announcement that unveiled “Google My Business

Google Announces “Google My Business” for Brands & Local Companies

Today, Google came out and announced the launch of “Google My Business”, a unified dashboard that takes a giant step towards organizing off of the tools for your company into one easy to manage dashboard. When we launched our page, we had an easy to navigate section that enabled us to edit our Google + Account, post to our network, review our latest reviews, tap into analytics data, and see additional insights about the brand.

KPItarget Google By Business

In the top right hand corner, you will also notice that there are direct integrations with Adwords Express, YouTube, and the Google + page in its entirety as well.

Why is this Important to Local Businesses and Brands?

As previously mentioned, it has been very difficult to navigate between the different products that Google offers its brands and business owners. As a result, this nicely laid out “CRM” will make integrating your activities easier and make sure that you can get the right king of exposure on the network, resulting in the ideal prospects seeing your messaging at the proper time. Google is making a big move towards helping you to “Be There When Customers Look for You Online” and we like what we see so far. Watch the video below to hear it straight from the horses mouth, and stay tuned to the ever present surprises coming soon from everyone’s favorite search behemoth!

Google My Business


Video – Introducing Google My Business