Tips and Tricks to Authentically Engage with your Audience Using Facebook Live

Aug 30, 2019

Facebook Live is a fantastic way to connect with your followers and have engaging conversations instantly. Broadcasts have doubled year over year since launching in 2016, and now has a daily viewership of 8 billion

Plus, the Facebook audience (2.27 billion per month) is three times more engaged and comment 10 times more than other video sites. Given these stats, it should be a no-brainer to integrate this tactic into your social plan. With the following information and tips and tricks, you’ll be enhancing your content plan with the addition of Facebook Live in no time.

Best Time to Go Live

The simple answer is: it depends! Generally, 1-3pm is a good time during work hours since you’ll be catching people on their lunch breaks or before they get back into the full swing of the work day. Or 6-9pm is good while potential audiences are winding down from their days.

You also need to keep in mind the type of content you’re going to be discussing during the broadcast, be mindful of holidays and other important events (like major awards show or other TV events that will be capturing followers’ attention already).

Tips and Tricks

Space Out Live Videos with Other Facebook Posts

Facebook actually ranks Live videos higher than other videos and types of posts, so it’s important to space them out to maximize organic reach.

Make it Spontaneous

The appeal of Facebook Live is just that: it’s live! It’s almost like reality TV and being spontaneous enhances that. Plus, it also encourages engagement. Your tactics may change within a live video based on the comments, questions, feedback you’re getting during it. It’s best to have a general idea of what you’re going to say and do, with the understanding that the need to pivot absolutely exists. 

…But Also Plan it!

Many brands have events or particular products that should be promoted during a special and specific time. For instance, Chevy used Facebook Live to promote the announcement of a new vehicle, which really amped up the excitement and exclusivity of it. With nearly 60k views and 1.7k reactions (pretty positive ones!), we’d say it was definitely a success for the brand.

How-to videos are also a really great way to connect with consumers and create a bond. Benefit Cosmetics did a live brow tutorial that not only promoted their product, but also showed consumers how to use it. Visual learners unite! 

Make it Feel Exclusive

Facebook Live allows brands to lift the veil and give fans and consumers a behind-the-scenes feel. Callaway, for example, gave a tour of Arnold Palmer’s office to give fans an inside look of a special place that they normally wouldn’t be able to see. If you have a special place or person that consumers wouldn’t necessarily have access to, using Facebook Live to promote it would make it very special for fans.

Engage With Those Who Are Engaging

Acknowledgment is key. Viewers (especially those with personal stories or questions they truly need answers to) will appreciate you engaging with them and personalizing your reactions to specific people is a great way to do this. 

Broadcast For At Least Ten Minutes

Facebook Live allows you to broadcast up to four hours (which for many brands could be bit excessive unless there was a super special event/activity). Although you don’t  have to drag things out, broadcasting for ten minutes at the very least is important. It allows latecomers to be alerted and join and expands the opportunity for engagement.

Expect the Unexpected

Since Facebook Live is spontaneous and, of course, live, don’t expect everything to go perfectly. Mistakes happen! That’s almost the beauty of utilizing this platform and the reason why it gives authenticity to your brand. Martha Stewart may be a homestyle expert, but even she wasn’t aware when this Facebook Live with Jennifer Garner started, and we love her for it!

Don’t Be Afraid of Feeling Repetitive 

Since viewers will be joining at different times throughout the broadcast, it’s important to re-state who you are as well as the purpose of the Facebook Live. It may feel as if you’re saying the same thing over and over, but remember that you’re welcoming new people at any given moment who may need a little background on what they’re tuning into and why.

Don’t End Abruptly

Make sure you accomplished what you set out to do and allowed enough time to answer any questions or respond to comments, thank everyone for joining, and let them know you’re signing off. You don’t want your audience to feel ghosted. 

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