Engage buyers with the right content through the right channel at the right time

  1. Awareness


    Being self aware of your content is key. With attention spans shrinking by the minute, content needs to be relevant, eye catching, and informed to achieve the intended purpose. Apply genuine insights to your content and know who you are executing for in the current channels.

  2. Consideration


    The customer journey map should no longer be thought of as just a linear path or funnel. Rather than being linear, which suggests a rational set of predictable steps, the reality is that most buyers are not clear about how to get from problem to solution. The customer’s journey is more of a maze than a linear path.

  3. Decision


    Retargeting, Account Based Marketing, Marketing Automation & Sales Enablement are not the last steps, they are acceleration points to drive the customer in the cycle of the journey. Use these decision points to keep the ball moving in the right directions.