Let the buyer show you the way.

Prioritize the right marketing channels (digital and traditional) with the right content that solves your buyers’ problems and generates qualified leads. We engage your target buyers throughout the buying cycle, measuring the effectiveness of each activity, so we can learn and improve the programs over time.

Who are your buyers?
How do you reach them?
  • Interview & Research

    Learn how your target buyers buy solutions like yours. Understanding what triggers them to solve their problems and the key information resources they trust are critical for shaping your marketing and sales strategy.

  • Messaging, Positioning, Targeting

    Based on buyer research, create key messaging that tells a story differentiating you in the marketplace. Moreover, positioning you correctly in the market enables you to win more business and maximize your pricing.

  • Content Generation

    Develop compelling content that highlights your unique story and value proposition, helping your target buyers to solve their problems. Create framework to test the effectiveness of the content, ensuring that your target audience engages.

Reaching out and accessing your target buyers.
  • SEO

    Improve your visibility in the organic search rankings through a combination of on and offline theme-based strategies. 

  • Social Media

    Utilizing social platforms and websites to promote your product or service, while building relationships with your consumers, and establishing the brand/brand voice. 

  • Paid Media

    Pay-per-click, display ads, and emerging advertising channels are an essential element of lead generation, revenue growth and brand awareness, strategically used to increase reach and conversion focused on specific target markets. 

  • Email Marketing

    Email marketing has been proven to provide some of the greatest ROI when compared to other channels, and is used to enhance relationships with past, present, and future customers of your business. 

You have the strategy,
now execute.
  • Retargeting

    Segment past visitors into specific buckets based on their individual activity and reach them with appropriate messages based on their behavior at various stages of the buying process. 

  • Marketing Automation

    Marketing Automation can help you leverage your time by consistently reaching out to prospects with targeted and timely messages that accelerate their buying journey and provide air support for sales teams.

  • Sales Enablement

    Develop the strategies and tools to enable your sales team to overcome obstacles to close deals, increasing revenue.


How This Process Translates

Explore how KPItarget helps clients drive their desired KPIs.

We worked with the Kenmore & Ellen Show social teams to promote the Kenmore Elite Ovation Stand Mixer.

Through creative assets, targeted posts, and cross-brand promotion, we helped create a splash for Kenmore’s Ovation Mixer.

We worked with FINSYNC to create and integrate a surround-sound marketing plan to promote the company’s new financing platform.

Through a combination of strategies we were able to generate & scale leads at a 50% lower cost than our target.

We were tasked by Farmview Market to create & implement a thematic-based SEO strategy.

Over the past year, the website has experienced a 70%+ increase in organic search visits.